We believe that having energy is the foundation of being able to live in the present and enjoy life more.

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We are here to serve our clients to live the best life they can live, without common health issues getting in the way. By working on the foundation of your gut health and immune system, we can get you feeling the best version of yourself!

Health is definitely not black and white, but I certainly plan to make your individual protocol that I create for you as black and white as possible.


Meet Founder + Wellness Specialist

Being a working mother and having three children of my own (Hayden - 5 yrs old, Ezra - 3 years old and Iris - 1 year old), I know first hand the struggles woman have to face when heading back to work (corporate mothers or stay-at-home) after having children. It still amazes me that we are expected to go back to work 4 to 6 weeks after having our children. Getting back to “normal” following childbirth means not just overcoming the physical strain you experienced in childbirth, but the mental struggles as well. Women frequently experience post-partum mental struggles ranging anywhere from brain fog, anxiety, exhaustion, to depression...

After dealing with major allergies and eczema issues with my first child, Hayden, then me having debilitating postpartum anxiety issues after having my second daughter, Ezra (16 months later) - I knew I needed to find the root cause of these concerns and get the support I needed for my children and myself. Already being a certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner since 2015, I knew that proper nutrients were needed, but I knew that nutrients weren’t the whole story behind our issues. I came across a program that uses lab results that would allow me to take the guess work out of gut healing and food recommendations. This was a game changer and I couldn’t wait to help other mothers and children with using these scientific-based results. I truly felt like I got myself back and perhaps even a better version too! Part of that journey was not just nutrition and supplements. The reason this business is called Black & White “Wellness” and not “Nutrition”, is because during my journey I also sought out chiropractic and mental health (Pysch-K and meditation) help as well. I truly believe a full wellness perspective is required to get to your optimal health. Although I can only support in the area of nutrition, I plan to spotlight local companies that have helped me during this journey to my optimal health and I encourage you to use these resources as well. I hope to grow this list as I hear trusted feedback from my clients on other local businesses that have helped them toward their optimal wellness.

I knew I needed to find the root cause of these concerns and get the support I needed for my children and myself.

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Meet Wellness Specialist

“I want all my clients to know that healing is possible! You aren’t stuck with poor health if you are willing to make changes and work towards it. I will be with a client every step of the way to guide and encourage so that they can reach their goals.”

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Renew Your Health Journey

6 Month Program

Hormone Program

Balancing your hormones can help with better sleep, weight loss or gain, sex drive, getting pregnant, helping to regulate cycles and also increasing energy.

You will be using two very valuable tests to help us create a bio-individual protocol that will get you to your health goals on the fast track.