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Addressing foundational health - gut and immune system - can get you to be comfortable with eating your favorite foods and energized which allows you to 

6 Month Program

During the 6 Month Program, you will be using two very valuable tests to help us create a bio-individual protocol that will get you to your health goals on the fast track. 

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  • First test is the GI-Map. This test tells us what pathogens you might have, where your immune system is exactly, and gut health overall. 
  • Second test is the MRT. This tests 170 foods and chemicals and informs us what you are most sensitive to and how long to take it out of your diet during your time in the program. 
  • After we receive your results, we analyze them and create your protocol that is specifically tailored to you and only you. 
  • We meet monthly, but you have access to us 24/7, allowing 24-48 for a response. 
  • You have access to a secure portal where all communication, documents and virtual meetings will be held. Everything is HIPAA compliant.
  • You will receive a BW Wellness gift. 


Hormone Program

This program can only be taken if you completed the 6 month program. This is for clients who are still having health concerns after supporting their foundations. Here we take a closer look at your hormones, ranging from looking at your hormones specifically along with making sure pathways are clear and well balanced to make sure your hormones are communicating with one another properly. After this lab interpretation, we will be able to take out the guesswork on where you need a little extra support. 

Balancing your hormones can help with better sleep, weight loss or gain, sex drive, getting pregnant, helping to regulate cycles and also increasing energy. 

  • This program is around 3 to 4 months depending on your results. The lab/test is called DUTCH Complete. 
  • Labs are interpreted/analyzed to create a bio-individual protocol for you. 
  • We meet monthly and you have access to us 24/7 with allowing 24-48hrs to reply. 
  • You have access to a secure portal where all communication, documents and virtual meetings will be held. Everything is HIPAA compliant.


Membership Program

You can join the Membership Program after completing any of the two programs offered. Clients like to join to help them keep accountable to continue their new health journey/ lifestyle change. 

  • Clients get to keep their discount on their supplements they have to continue to use. 
  • Clients get to keep access to the secure portal where all our notes and documents are held in an organized manner. 
  • Continue to receive free access to any new documents created by BW Wellness. 
  • Depending on the membership will be able to get a revision on their protocols.
  • Depending on the membership will get check-ins with a Wellness Specialist weekly.

investments $6.99/month

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Postpartum Recovery & Support Program

Use our postpartum recovery program to help support your nutritional needs. This will aid with fatigue, anxiety and so much more. In addition, you will receive Pilates video classes to help you with your body to gain strength again!

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