Q: Will I need to be on supplements even after the program?

The goal is not to have you on supplementation forever. We will teach you what foods contain what vitamins and minerals that you showed you needed for support. The goal is to get you eating nutritious foods and allowing your body to work optimally on it’s own. While you are in your program, you will be focusing on eating the right foods for your bio-individuality, but using supplements to give you the extra support to fast track your healing process. Depending on the person you might be lucky to not need anymore supplement support based on your re-test, some might need another 6 months of support and others might need a couple of years. 

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Q: If I need to keep taking supplements after the program, does that mean I have to sign-up for another 6 Month Program? 

No you will not need to. When you end your program we will give you a plan on what you might still need to take, what foods you need to keep eating, along with what foods you will need you still need to take a break from. 

This is also where our membership plan comes in handy. Clients who join one of the Membership Programs will continue to get their discount on supplements, keep receiving support and protocol revision (if necessary)/evaluation by one of our Wellness Specialists. 

Q: Are there payment plans?


Q: Can I use my HSA/FSA benefits for anything in the program?

Everyone’s benefits are different and therefore it is the responsibility of the client to ask their company if they may use it on supplements and/or wellness consultation services. So far our clients who have had HSA or FSA benefits, have been able to use it for both supplements and the programs. 

Q: Why can’t I just sign-up for the Hormone Program? Why do I have to do the 6 Month Program first?

We believe and have seen clients heal any hormonal imbalances by just working on the foundational work. After the 6 Month Program they do not even need the Hormone Program.  

Again based on someone's bio-individuality and how long their body has been under stress, there are individuals that also need the Hormone Program for that specific extra support. 

Q: Do I have to retest at the end of the program?

No you do not. We definitely encourage it to see how much progress that you have made and to make sure that there is nothing extra we need to be concerned about. 

Q: Will I still be paying for my membership program if I enroll into another program?

No, we will cancel your membership while you are enrolled in one of our two programs. 

Q: Why is your company called Black and White Wellness? 

The concept behind that name is that we hope to take the complex information we receive from your labs and make that information as “black and white” for you as possible. We want to empower you with the information you receive and not overwhelm you.

Q: For the 6 Month Program…why 6 months? 

The specific protocol we create for clients is roughly around 3-4 months. We also work on stress management, habits, and other lifestyle changes in the program. This takes time to work through and we want to set you up for success. It's a full wellness journey and not just focusing on your gut/immune system. The other areas of your life, when balanced, will help support your good food choices and hormones. It really does matter. Additionally, we have to wait a few weeks after you get off your protocol to retest. Then the last month we go over your results and set you up with your new lifestyle plan. All clients are surprised with how fast 6 months goes by. 

Q: Is there a referral program?

We are giving $100 for anyone that does refer us if that individual signs-up. 

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